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Precautions for installation of chiller
The cold water machine must be protected in handling. Should avoid the cold water machine to be too sloped and damaged during handling. Please pay attention to the following points when installing the chiller:
1. The chiller before installation please select foundation stable, air flow around, avoid pollution and corrosion of oil and gas less. Outdoor installation, canopy best vents more than 2 meters distance from the chiller, if discover surrounding air stuffy, please add exhaust fan, maintain air convection, to increase the service life of cold water machine, to increase efficiency.
2. When installing the chiller, be careful not to damage the unit, reasonably layout the surrounding space of the cold water unit so as to facilitate the maintenance and maintenance of the chiller.
3. Choose according to chiller the capacity matching of the cooling tower, chiller piping installation according to the diameter size for installation, please do not shrink chilled water pipe diameter size, otherwise it will cause high pressure overload, affecting quality effect and increase power consumption. Water chiller pipeline connection need to connect the chiller power after the installation is complete,
The following points should be noted:
1. The power supply of the cold water unit adopts three-phase three-wire or three-phase four-wire system, the power line (R.S.T) is connected to the power line, (N) connect to the zero line, (D) the grounding line; 2. The main power supply of the cold water unit is connected to the connecting rod in the box with the perforated connection of the control box. Mains frequency, rated frequency plus or minus 2%. 4. The main power supply voltage fluctuation in excess of the prescribed scope, prohibit to start chiller, otherwise it will cause serious damage of the unit 5. Water chillers with power surge protection and power protection, compressor exhaust side of low voltage protection and other protective measures

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