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Installation of the chiller
1. The site of the installation unit must be the floor, the installation pad, its water level in 6.4 mm, and can bear the operating weight of the unit.
2. Check whether the machine is damaged during the installation of the chiller and select the suitable place for installation and maintenance.
3. Select the suitable pipe diameter pipe, the maximum power operation of the unit cooling system and cold water system, and the correct connection.
4. After the completion of the test, all the takeover ports must be treated with rust.
5. At one end of the unit should be set aside to clean the pipe space of the condenser tube, which can also be used for opening holes or other suitable openings.
6. In order to economic and efficient use of water chillers, advice please water treatment expert analysis of evaporator and condenser water supply water quality, bad quality will cause fouling influence heat transfer, or producing corrosion precipitation and organic matter, breeding, influences the performance of the unit, increase the operational and maintenance costs. Please install the filter at the inlet of the pipe and clean it regularly.
7. In general, the correct water treatment and bundles of regular cleaning can maintain its good performance, if the existing water quality conditions cannot use appropriate method to improve, then you need to consider allowing bundles have bigger dirt coefficient or designate special structural materials.
8. In any load situation, the water flow should be stable and prevent the water of evaporator from being discharged when the pump is down.
9. To reduce noise and vibration, it is preferable to install a vibration isolator on the pipe.
10. The pipe shall be independently supported by the chiller and shall not be applied to the components of the chiller. The setting of the hanger should be convenient for piping.
11. For common applications, the flow rate of evaporators and condensers is allowed between 1.0-3.6 m/s.
12. The unit should be placed in engine room temperature is 4.4 4.4 ℃, the sides of the unit and above should have enough space, for daily maintenance work.
13. The design and installation of all frozen water and cooling water pipes shall be carried out in accordance with the conventional method, and the freezing water pump shall be located on the inlet pipe of the unit to ensure the positive pressure and flow in the unit. The tube should be installed to ensure proper flexibility
14. In order to facilitate daily maintenance work, users may adopt some of the following (or all) measures:
(1) the lifting rail and beam can be erected above the equipment to facilitate maintenance.
(2) the pressure gauge and globe valves with cocks can be installed in the inlet and inlet pipe of cooling water and chilled water, as close to the chiller as possible.

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