Shenzhen KSH Refrigeration Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Recruitment position: multiple names
Job requirements:
1. Familiar with office software, have certain sensitivity to data
2. Be conscientious and responsible, have a beginning and end
3. Strong communication skills
4. Ability to obey arrangement and leadership

Position: multiple names

Job requirements:
1. Cheerful personality and high sense of responsibility
2. Standard mandarin, good communication and cheerful personality;
3. Be brave to meet new challenges and be able to work under pressure;

4. Good communication, coordination and hard work.

5. Familiar with refrigeration equipment is preferred.

Position: multiple refrigeration workers

Job requirements:
1. Graduated from technical school of refrigeration
2. Have work experience, familiar with electronics and electrical wiring
3. Good communication skills
4. Able to work independently
5. Be able to travel in shenzhen and guangdong province

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