Shenzhen KSH Refrigeration Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.


Company tenet:
Establish the first brand in the industry
Corporate vision:
Build a first-class brand
Corporate mission:
Serve the people, deliver "faster, better" service value
Corporate motto:
Focus on a platform to connect supply and demand to achieve win-win results
Enterprise spirit:
Good faith, innovation
Corporate values:
To be altruistic, to be perfect

Main idea:
Enterprises join hands and work together for win-win development

1. Work philosophy: thinking for customers and thinking for customers

2. The concept of competition: without worry, it is the biggest worry

3. Talent philosophy: people are the best in the world

4. Market philosophy: attitude determines the market

5. Customer philosophy: beyond the expectation of customers, to excavate customers' lifetime value

6. Learning philosophy: look at the benchmark and learn from others

7. Good faith: honesty is the foundation of wealth in life

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